MedyBox: Cost-Effective, Easy Vending Solutions to Expand Your Pharmacy's Reach.

Our premium vending machine, the MedyBox, perfectly balances size with display capacity, making it our flagship model. 

Its expansive showcase not only enhances visibility but also adds value to the products housed within. 

Discover the top choice in our selection, designed to highlight and elevate your offerings.

MedyBox - AED (Automated External Defibrillator) moduel for access in emergencys by the public.

Secure, Private 24/7 Pharmacy.

Outdoor MEDBOX pharmacy vending machine located outside a pharmacy, stocked with a comprehensive selection of pharmacy products available for sidewalk purchase by customers

MedyLocker: The Automatic Locker for Your Pharmacy.

MedyLocker cab be purchased as a add on to your MedyBox vending unit or as a stand alone unit.

MedyLocker has the option to expand the MedyLocker adding with 2, 5, os 6 pickup draws.

MedyLocker STORAGE is a larger add on and has the option to expand the MedyLocker adding upto 18 pickup draws.

The automated drawers, offer the convenience of self-service, allowing customers to collect their orders anytime without needing direct assistance, streamlining the pick-up process.

Click and Collect 24/7

Outdoor MEDBOX pharmacy vending machine equipped with MdyLock add-on for secure pickup of pre-purchased products, including prescription medicines. Positioned outside a pharmacy, the machine offers a full array of products for customers to purchase directly from the sidewalk

How Does MedyLocker Work?

Receive the Order

Accept customer orders and charge, using the method that best suits your workflow, including  through your phone apps.

Place in the Locker

Safely deposit the product into your secure MedyLocker compartment.

Notify Customer

Inform customers of order readiness via the MedyLocker App, text message, or email.

Customer Collects

Securely with App or QR code, enable customers to retrieve their orders at their convenience, around the clock, from the designated MedyLocker.

MedyLocker:  The automatic  drawer for your pharmacy

Versatile, Scalable and Standalone. You dont need the MedyBox, its Click and Collect 24/7

The Medybox locker is a tool designed to increase the services offered by the pharmacy by allowing a safe, secure and easy to implement “click and collect” system for all customers and all products including prescription medications safely.


Available in 4 main formats (refrigerated and non-refrigerated), with the possibility of customizing the automatic drawer with Storage Modules and ad hoc graphics.

Medybox locker standalone unit outside a pharmacy, providing a secure and convenient 'click and collect' system for safe pickup of prescriptions and other pharmacy products.

MedyLocker: Fresh.

MedyLocker can also be purhased with a refrigerated option as well:

A straight forward, easy-to-use storage solution tailored to keep your temperature-sensitive items cool. The MedyLocker is essentially a refrigerated unit with automated drawers, suitable for:

Pharmacy and Medical Supplies: Safely store medications,, and samples that must be kept cool. before pick up.

Food and Beverage: Perfect for selling chilled items like snacks or drinks via self-service or automated systems.

Cosmetic and Skincare Products: Ideal for prolonging the life and effectiveness of certain beauty items.

Tech and Scientific Storage: Store sensitive technological or scientific materials that require cool temperatures.

MedyLocker Fresh: Refrigerated Storage for Your Sensitive Storage Needs

Medybox locker and attached refrigerated add-on unit positioned outside a pharmacy, offering a secure and convenient 'click and collect' system for the safe pickup of prescriptions and temperature-sensitive pharmacy products