SynMed DAA Automation.
"The Fastest Throughput with Unmatched Cost-Effectiveness,"

We're not just about providing advanced pharmacy automation solutions; 
​We're about setting new industry benchmarks. 

Our innovative SynMed Pharmacy Automation and DAA Blister Solutions are designed to deliver unparalleled speed and the largest throughput. 

"​Grow Safely With SynMed."

SynMed XF

1000 cards 
1 operator in 40 hours.

Production Capacity

  • One operator can produce 1000 cards per 40-hour week.

Accuracy and Quality Control

  • The system boasts a 99.98% accuracy rate, significantly higher than the typical 5-10% error rate with manual production.
  • Secure production is ensured through barcode scanning and on-screen guidance.
  • Responsibility tracking is facilitated by biometric scanning.

Compatibility and Integration

  • The system is tightly integrated with Webster-Pak®  software and cards for optimal performance.
  • Also compatible with Omnicell Suremed software and cards, as well as MyPak software and cards, providing flexible integration options.

Storage and Calibration

  • Includes 400 calibrated medication containers.
  • Features a vast store of medication containers that can be easily calibrated on-site, at no additional cost and without time wastage.

Physical Specifications

  • The system has a small footprint, occupying only 1.38 square meters of space.

Cleanliness and Maintenance

  • Designed with no common chute to prevent medication residue.
  • Low maintenance with no daily upkeep required.

SynMed Ultra

3000 cards
2.5 operators in 40 hours.

Production Capacity

  • 2.5 operators can produce 3000 cards per 40-hour week. 

Efficiency and Labor Reduction

  • Reduces the need for technicians, with the power of 15 reduced to just 2.
  • No downtime for medication replenishment, enhancing continuous operation.

Technology and Accuracy

  • Employs tried and tested pick-and-place technology for reliability.
  • Achieves robotic precision, ensuring operations are free of errors.

Labelling and Information Display

  • High-resolution images of each medication, patient, and warnings on labels.
  • Labels indicate the number of medications in each blister card.

Compatibility and Integration

  • The only system available that is integrated with all major pharmacy software and card systems, including Webster-Pak®, Omnicell Suremed, and MyPak, offering unmatched flexibility and compatibility.

Storage and Calibration

  • Includes 508 internal RFID containers, with capability for unlimited external containers.
  • Quick on-site calibration, well-suited for generic changes and stock outs.

Physical Specifications

  • Compact design with a small footprint: Length: 157.48 cm, Width: 146.05 cm, Height: 209.55 cm, totalling 2.30 m².

Cleanliness and Maintenance

  • Designed with no common chute to prevent medication residue.
  • Low maintenance with no daily upkeep required.

Easy Calibration

5 Minute Medication Changeover By Your Team

Streamlined Medication Onboarding and Brand Changes

  • In-house onboarding of new medications or brand changes.
  • Swift, efficient transitions without external manufacturer support.

Reduced Calibration Time

  • Faster calibrations focusing on pill fit in standardised cavities.
  • Quicker deployment with less mechanical adjustment time.

Quick Selection and Replacement of Lids

  • Rapid lid selection and installation by pharmacy staff.
  • Reduces machine setup time and manual adjustment needs.

Standardised Cavities for Different Pill Sizes

  • Pre-designed cavities in lids for various pill sizes and shapes.
  • Eliminates custom adjustments for each medication.

Minimised Human Intervention

  • System design cuts down on manual calibration intervention.
  • Leads to faster setup and more consistent operations.

Manufacturer Independent Calibration

  • No need for manufacturer calibration, saving time and cost.
  • Avoids sending canisters back, preventing production delays.

On-site, Fast Calibration by Pharmacy Staff

  • Designed for 15-20 minute on-site calibration by pharmacy staff.
  • Enhances operational flexibility and minimises downtime.

Pick and Place Efficiency

Innovative Pick and Place Precision:

  • Features a pneumatic robot head for unparalleled accuracy in medication dispensing.
  • Ensures precise handling at every step of the process.

Speed and Accuracy Combined:

  • Engineered for both rapid and meticulous medication handling.
  • Increases productivity without compromising patient safety.

Adaptable and Versatile:

  • Capable of managing a variety of medication shapes and sizes.
  • Seamlessly integrates into existing pharmacy operations.

Enhanced Safety, Reduced Error:

  • Significantly minimises dispensing errors.
  • Accurate prescription filling enhances patient safety and trust.

Manual Fill with Guidance

Precision-Assisted Production:

  • Incorporates barcode scanning and on-screen guidance to enhance manual blister card filling.
  • Significantly minimises human error, ensuring reliable accuracy in production.

Efficiency Optimised:

  • Capable of filling 8-12 cards simultaneously, effectively doubling production capacity.
  • Maintains high quality while significantly speeding up the workflow.

Scalable Automation:

  • Designed as an ideal solution for pharmacies experiencing growth.
  • Acts as a bridge to full automation, offering an easy transition to more advanced systems like SynMed XF or ULTRA when needed.

Flexible and Secure:

  • Capable of handling exception medications, including half tablets and cytotoxics, securely.
  • Ensures precise placement of medications, thereby reducing the risk of errors in pharmacy operations.

Cards and Software

Commitment Major Australian Brands.

  • Fully compatible with major Australian brands like Webster-Pak®, SureMed, and MyPak.
  • Ensures smooth integration with existing systems in pharmacies.

Supporting Local Excellence:

  • Focused on supporting Australian blister card manufacturers.
  • Enhances the pharmacy's ability to provide familiar, local products to patients.

Tailored for Australian Pharmacies:

  • Specifically designed to align with the needs and operations of Australian pharmacies.
  • Compatible with trusted local blister card systems for efficient operations.

Enhanced Patient Experience:

  • Partnership with top Australian blister card brands.
  • Assures patients receive medications in well-known, trusted packaging, improving their experience.

SynMed Flexability-
Do What Others Can't.

More Card Types

SynMed is the only solution compatible with all card brands.

More Software Integrated Compatability

SynMed is the only solution tightl integrated with all software brands.

No Daily Cleaning

No need to conduct daily system cleaning to clear the common drop chute from debis and cross contamination.

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