The most advanced high throughput pharmacy automation system for blister card production.

Best in class pharmacy automation

Take your first step to implementing automation in your pharmacy with the popular SynMed XF. 

Our longest-running design, the XF is equipped with reliable pick-and-place technology and can be used in retail and LTC environments.

Based on sound robotics concepts and a healthy dose of creativity, the popular SynMed XF was developed over four years and launched on the market in 2008. 

Our original pharmacy automation solution, the SynMed XF uses a patented pick and place technology to fill blister packs with proven accuracy and efficiency.

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Best in class pharmacy automation

For high-volume pharmacy environments ultra-high capacity blister card production.

Our latest iteration of SynMed technology, the ULTRA, sets the global industry standard for pharmacy automation for both single and multi-dose blister packs. Designed for high-volume pharmacy environments, yet with a minimal footprint.

The SynMed ULTRA combines our proven pharmacy automation technology with an enhanced option for high-volume environments. 

Pharmacies that choose the SynMed ULTRA enjoy the use of our proprietary technology, our unique, customisable adherence labelling system, enhanced flexibility with single dose and multi-dose blister card options, advanced reporting features, and unparalleled service and support.

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SynMed Assist is a production guidance system

For single and multi-dose blister cards that can be used for more accurate and efficient manual production, or for the secure placement of exception meds when using SynMed automation. 

With SynMed Assist, pharmacies can easily migrate to full automation when the time is right.

Medications such as ½ tabs and cytotoxics are not stored in the robot and make up approximately 2% of the oral solids put in blister packs. Minimise your pharmacy’s human error risk with the SynMed® Assist.

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Integration and Cards

We dont sell cards or pharmacy software. This leaves you in the unique position to work with the card and software supplier of your choice.

SynMed has proven integrations to Omnicell SureMed X, MayPak, HealthStream and coming soon WebsterCare.

We also are fully compatible with over 30 cards and counting, including all of the major cards available in Austtalia and New Zealand.

Simple onsite calibration

No need to send containers to be coalibrated by the manufacturer.

Simple use calibration can be done in minutes for all new medications.

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