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MedEye was founded with one goal in mind.
To revolutionize medication
safety in hospitals and other
healthcare institutions
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Minutes between ADE's in Australia

5 min 12 sec

On average, every 5 mins and 12 seconds a serious harmful ADE occurs in an Australian hospital


Can You Be Sure

MedEye Can

The Only Optical Bedside Verification Scanner

for All Medications.

Like the perfect goalkeeper,

saving every goal.


MedEye's single task is to scan and stop every medication error at the bedside before harm happens.


Meet MedEye

MedEye helps nurses automatically verify and register all medication at the bedside.

MedEye helps nurses verify which medications are due in a simple and intuitive way.

MedEye uses fast 3D Optical Scanning.



Just scan and check.

Fast scan time, to avoid extra work and time during shifts.


Intuitive interface to hospital systems, no new complicated workflow to learn.

Increased administration safety, giving nurses confidence from stopping errors and their consequences.



Don't rely on self-reporting.

Catch and stop the errors at the bedside.


Track them and analyze why they occurred.

Correct the medication process to stop them from happening again with real data.



Patient empowerment tools.

Help patients actively participate in their health journey.

Allow patients to gain sufficient knowledge to engage in their own healthcare.


Nurse using MedEye

Example Workflows

Scanner User Interface


MedEye Workflow

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