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​Dose Administration Aids for Local Pharmacy and Centralised Packaging.
Bedside Medication Scanning and Checking Safety For Hospitals and Aged Care.
​Strategic Consulting Services - Business and Department Planning,  Return on Investment​ Tools.

​Introducing SynMed, "Designed from the ground up".

SynMed® is an automated system for preparing and dispensing solid oral medications in blister cards, giving retail pharmacies and central fill facilities the ability to truly customise all patient services uniquely, with fast accurate and efficient preparation robotics.

SynMed®‘s specific functionalities provide many competitive advantages that let you rapidly implement blister card automation. Technology such as SynMed® Pick and Place, SynMed® Check, and low daily maintenance .

SynMed® is also totally card neutral in that we don't require you to purchase a specific card, in fact you can supply multiple types of cards pending on your customers needs.

SynMed® is more advanced than any other system available today. Dispensing medications in blister cards will provide your customers with a safe, personalized way of taking their medications. Imagine the simplicity of receiving your medications grouped by dosing time and day of the week!

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SynMed® - fast, efficient, integrated and safe. 
Your patient, safe choice.

MedEye stops medication errors where it counts, on administration at the bedside"

Frontline nurses spend much of their time administering medications.  In a fast-paced healthcare environment, administering medications is a high-risk nursing task.

Time pressure and disruptions can easily lead to mistakes.

Medication errors may occur during any phase of the medication process: prescribing, transcribing,  dispensing, administering, monitoring, and reporting.

MedEye helps nurses monitor the most vulnerable step in the medication process: administering medications.

MedEye works as a second nurse - helping nurses figure out what medication patients are supposed to receive, verifying the medication down to the exact dose, and handling all of the documentation required in the hospital information system.

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MedEye® - fast, efficient, integrated and safe. Your patient, safe choice.

Medication-related errors occur frequently in hospitals; not all result in actual harm, but those that do are costly. One recent study conducted at two prestigious teaching hospitals found that almost two percent of admissions experienced a preventable adverse drug event, resulting in average increased hospital costs of $4,700 per admission or about $2.8 million annually for a 700-bed teaching hospital.

Hospital patients represent only a fraction of the total population at risk of experiencing a medication-related error. In 1998, nearly 2.5 billion prescriptions were dispensed by U.S. pharmacies at a cost of about $92 billion. Numerous studies document errors in prescribing medications, dispensing by pharmacists, and unintentional nonadherence on the part of the patient. Medication errors have the potential to increase as a major contributor to avoidable morbidity and mortality as new medications are introduced for a wider range of indications