• "Automate and Enhance Your Pharmacy Services" 

    Boost Your Pharmacy’s Efficiency and Revenue 

    SynMed DAA Packing Automation 

    MedyBox Pharmacy Only Vending and 24/7 Click and Collect.

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    Free Up Staff to Help Your Pharmacy Customers

    Boost Revenue While Reducing Costs

    ​Turn Costs into Profits

    Enable Easy Scaling of Your Pharmacy Services

    Significantly Enhance Accessibility for All Customers 24/7

    Boost Revenue While Reducing Costs

    Enhance Customer Loyalty and Reduce Switching Costs

    Increase Foot Traffic and Retail Opportunities


Are Manual Operations Restricting Your Pharmacy's Potential?

SynMed DAA Automation Packing Robot XF and ULTRA, for medication packing

"SynMed allows us to easily introduce more customers to your medication packing services, without adding extra staff. "

​"This means less time packing and more time helping customers in the pharmacy."

​​"SynMed Innovation - Since 2004


"With MedyBox - Pharmacy Only Vending, we can serve our customers, safely, securely and with privacy, 24/7."

​"Being built for pharmacy, we needed robust, solid and tamper-proof, that's MedyBox."

​"20 Years of Pharmacy Experience in Vending"


Solution Highlights

SynMed DAA Blistercard Automation

The SynMed XF -  1 operator producing 1,000 packs in just 40 Hours

The SynMed XF -  2.5 operators producing 3,000 packs in just 40 Hours

SYNMED - Learn More

MedyBox Vending for Pharmacy

MedyBox Vending for Pharmacy provides private, 24/7 access to non-prescription items and with MedyLocker, secure prescription items, customers shop discreetly at their convenience at any time.

MEDYBOX Learn More

Limited Time for On Floor Customer Service?

SynMed streamlines your medication packing processes, requiring minimal staff involvement and ensuring efficiency in your pharmacy operations."

MedyBox offers a pharmacy-exclusive vending solution, providing 24/7 access to non-prescription products safely and privately.

Difficulty Scaling Operations and Adding New Purchasing Opportunties?

SynMed supports your pharmacy's scaling efforts by automating and optimizing medication packing, allowing you to handle increased volume without additional staffing.

MedyBox enables scalable service delivery, providing around-the-clock access to essential products and expanding your reach without extending your hours.

Customers Need Essentials After Hours 24/7?

MedyBox ensures your customers can access essential items after hours, providing convenient, private and secure 24/7 service to meet their requirement anytime day and night.

3 Easy Steps to Automation.

Request Appointment

The first step is to give us a call and let us know what you are trying to achieve, what your specigic challenges are and what your goals are to solve the problem.

Build a Plan with us.

The next step is to allow us to assist you in constructing a plan. With your input, we can develop a strategy to maximize your returns, assess your staffing needs, evaluate your floor space, and ensure optimal site access.

Start Automating

Your pharmacy is on a journey to reap the rewards. Enhanced service, satisfied customers, 24/7. Simple, efficient, effective.

We Are Here To 
Guide You!


Expert Workflow Design

We expertly guide you from design to installation, optimizing the placement of your blister card packing machine, workflow benches, and storage areas to streamline your medication packaging process from incoming stock to finished packs.

Optimised ROI Tools

Our pre-sale ROI analysis, developed with key pharmacists and tested and proven with our customers, ensures your investment in blister card packing systems is both strategic and effective.

Highly Experienced Technical Support.

With over 70 years of combined experience, our local Australian team offers expert technical design and support, ensuring your blister card packing systems are optimized for peak efficiency and reliability.

Nationwide Coverage

Our nationwide coverage ensures reliable and timely support for blister card packing systems, wherever you are in Australia.

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