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MedEye® is an eMar integrated medication scanner for use by the nurse or carer at the bedside. MedEye is fast, accurate and simple to use.

 It works by using advanced AI technology, computer vision and barcodes to recognise all medications including solids, inhalers, injectables and liquids.
MedEye® is the only computer vision technology for medication that is in use worldwide today.

Computer Vision
Fast and Easy to use
All Forms
Seamless eMar Integration
Clinical Insights
Patient Empowerment
Computer Vision
Computer Vision and AI at work now in our Hospitals and Aged Care.

Imagine if we could identify medications and check them before administration. The effect on medical errors would be extraordinary.

Computer vision is a field of artificial intelligence that trains computers to interpret and understand the visual world. Machines can accurately identify and locate objects then react to what they “see” using digital images from cameras, videos, and deep learning models.

MedEye uses advanced computer vision to scan and identify all medication cues, including colour, shapes, size thickness, markings etc. In addition MedEye uses the same techniques to identify non oral solids such as inhaler shapes, injectables, etc in conjunction with barcodes, RFID  and other identification keys.

We map these ques with the eMar software to ensure that all medications are checked, verified and audited prior to the administration process.

Welcome to MedEye.

Fast and Easy to use

Simple. fast, accurate and easy to use.

MedEye nurse is built to help nurses work faster and more safely during medication administration. MedEye acts like a second nurse to check all medications at the bedside.

Medeye integrates seamlessly with hospital information systems and is able to help nurses figure out which medications are due in a simple and natural way.

All Forms

Tablets and oral solids

MedEye Nurse comes with an intelligent scanner for solid oral medications.

With the Medeye scanner, a nurse can simply put all of the medications for a patient in a disposable tray, scan in seconds and verify they are correct. 

Unlike with barcodes, hospitals can verify all 5 rights - including the right dose - all in one go.

All medications - Orals, Inhalers, Injectables

MedEye comes with a "2nd eye" to help verify and document that the right medication and dose is being given to the correct patient.

So whether it’s unmarked inhalers or barcoded ampules, nurses can show it to MedEye and it will verify and register the administration.

Seamless eMar Integration

eMar integration, workflow design and support.

Whether Cerner, Epic, Allscripts, or a bespoke solution. 

MedEye can seamlessly integrate to improve the bedside workflow. This means that the nurse can easily introduce MedEye to into their medication process without going through multiple screens. We even have solutions if you don't have an eMar.

Med ID handles support and service of MedEye products from end to end. 

Medication and barcode libraries, software upgrades, and hardware service are all taken care of so the pharmacy and IT departments can spend resources elsewhere.

No eMar - ask us how!
Clinical Insights

Never rely on manual reporting again.

Accurately monitor real errors in real time.

MedEye makes all medication data easy to review. Data collected by MedEye is accurate and timely which makes it more valuable for later analysis. 

Besides providing all the information straight to the hospital information

system, MedEye is able to tailor information for direct access through the MedEye Clinician service.

Drill down to individual administrations to review what was prescribed and what was administered. Use these insights to spot issues with administration or dispensing processes.

Patient Empowerment

With MedEye patients are not left out.

MedEye provides an overview of what medications patients are taking in the hospital.

This shows the patients and loved ones what medication they’re taking, when they are taking them, and gives them more information about what the medication is.

With the MedEye app, patients are immediately involved in their own therapy.

Medication reminders are provided for self-administered medications.

With a click of a button, the patient is also able to document these self-administrations which is then visible in the hospital information system as a self administered and self documented medication administration.


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